Pepsi "Crave"


What happens when you combine hand-crafted, high-speed propulsion devices, motion control arms, and a thousand gallons of cola? Answer: one of the coolest shots ever. Enter Pepsi's “Crave” campaign, a compendium of gorgeous liquid footage and freshly branded elements that level up to an exciting and dynamic hero film.

The Hero Film

In this brief 30 second journey we get tense, pop-you-out-of-your-seats moments of anticipation that make us feel alive — unexpected, visceral, kinetic cola shots are juxtaposed with flashes of humanity to elicit our primal thirst.

A Thirst for More

Pepsi needed a dynamic asset library of cola shots that would function as both a kit-of-parts for their “Crave” campaign and the building blocks for their hero film. These unique, multi-functional cola shots needed to work as separate assets for their global teams to build regional content. Each shot had to work hard to illustrate “the essence of cola”, and reflect the emotional journey of the audience — crave, consumption, and satisfaction.

Our partners at The Garage

In order to deliver a fresh look, we leveraged the technical expertise of The Garage, our production partners during story development. We had multiple brainstorm sessions in order to conceptualize what the shots could be. With their extensive knowledge in motion control and high-speed footage capture, we were able to realize these new possibilities.

Bringing it to life

The “Crave” campaign was an awesome collaboration and creative endeavor involving complex physical rigs to propel and activate cola in exciting new ways and we captured the results with innovative motion control cameras.

Being Versatile

Preparations needed to be made in order to make this footage work for all the various Pepsi teams across the globe. Every can and bottle represented in the film needed to be flexible enough to allow the swapping in and out of different Pepsi logos while still maintaining the refreshing ice and condensation. The footage below illustrates our process.



Head of Production

Kevin Hall

Senior Producer

Monica Lynn


Michael Dwass

Executive Creative Director

Ben Langsfeld

Executive Producer

Russell Greene

Kim Stephens

Group Creative Director

Dan Gregoras

Associate Creative Director

Guillermo Zapiola

Daniel Pernikoff

Bidding Producer

Chanelle Larios

Associate Producer

Chloe Soares

Dara O Cairbre

Art Director

Arielle Casale

CG Lead

Chris Ribar

2D Animation Lead

David Hobizal


Tristyn Pease

Max Forward


Dan Meehan

Vicky Chong

Head of Post Production

Jose Fuentes

Look Development

Shane O'Hara

Eric Xu


Danny Noren

Navid Bagherzadeh


Christopher Meek

John Karian

Anton Tokar

2D Animation

Nicole DiLeo

Sean Merk

Terence Ginja-Martinho

Michael Russo

Nick Petley

Lauren Kittle

Hannah Sun


Dave Conte

Randy Rubin

David Vendette

Cameron Kelly

Assistant Editor

Danny Silveria

Live Action

Director of Photography

Steve Giralt

Production Coordinator

Jacob Breland

Production Supervisor

Luke Trevino

Line Producer

John Ficalora

Operations Supervisor

Carly Starnes

Executive Producer

Halie Graham

Live Action Partner

The Garage


Client Contacts

Matt Brown

Lon Schwear

Orlagh O'Reilly

Justin Song

Sally Mulligan

Matthew Geiger




Music Studio

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